Who are we?

Gilles Bergner, who has been involved in international sales and marketing for 20 years, has completed both the study of political science and international business management, focusing on export strategies and sales on international markets, and speaks English, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Over the past few years, Gilles has led trading and investment management related companies and held managerial positions with international marketing service companies in Germany, France and China.

In 2008, he has been appointed as a foreign trade advisor in France and is networked worldwide through years of contacts.

The desire to make his contacts available to his Austrian fellowcountrymen led Gilles to sail away from "safe harbor" and found his own consulting company.

Gilles has the necessary expertise and the international professional network to successfully support important management areas of your project in international business and to find the right strategic and operational partners for you.

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