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Export Strategy
Exporting companies often lack the time and resources to conduct formal planning activities. Faced with many challenges around international sales, companies tend to approach exporting on a “by chance” basis.
Blueside Consult offers a proven framework for developing a sound export strategy in emerging markets. Our approach is to think ahead in order to take advantages of export opportunities, rather than making hasty decisions.
We focus on four key areas for export success:
* Evaluation of export potential
* Market entry research and analysis
* Distributor evaluation
* Export marketing planning

Market Analysis
Gaining detailed market insights about your target markets serves as a basis for the development of a successful export strategy. Factors such as the political and economic situation, trade regulations and the competitive environment, as well as consumer sentiment, play a vital role in any company’s decision regarding the entry of a new market.
While gaining access to insightful data in emerging markets can prove especially difficult given the lack of the necessary market research infrastructure in certain regions, we have the global network in place with access to vital information.
Based on our customized market research and evaluation our clients can build a well-founded market entry strategy and have a strong basis to launch their products and services successfully.

Distributor Acquisition
It is our conviction that your local distributor is a key factor in your long-term success in new export markets. Success can only be achieved in cooperation with strong and reliable local partners, who see eye to eye with their supplier.
As a global “corporate match-maker” we focus on the research and acquisition of suitable distribution partners for companies that are looking to gain access to new markets and to establish a strong presence, in order to best service their customers in emerging markets and beyond.
The selection of suitable distributors should never be left up to chance, as it requires a process of meticulous research and evaluation of potential partners. We put an emphasis on a profitable and healthy, long-term business partnership between companies that ideally fit together strategically as well as ideologically.

Export Marketing
International marketing almost always differs from domestic marketing. Companies that ignore this fact risk their chance for a strong entry in new markets. As successful as companies are at reaching their clients at home, they must be aware that their international customers will frequently have different tastes, needs, customs and values. All these factors should be reflected in the marketing plan for the respective markets and regions.
Our export marketing services include the evaluation and, if required, the development of marketing strategies in the respective markets. We also review existing communication material and develop customized cross-cultural marketing guidelines.

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